GLOW TONIC • herbal vinegar

August 22, 2018






1 large Mason Jar

2.5 oz Elderberry

1 oz Schisandra Berry

.5 oz Rose Petal

20 oz ACV



Add all dry ingredients to a large mason jar and fill with ACV.






A flavonoid rich herbal vinegar


•Schisandra Berry

•Rose Petal




Flavanoids are mostly known for being potent antioxidants but have such a wide range of medical uses. 


This particular blend boosts your circulatory system, strengthens the vascular structure and is vitamin rich [elderberry + rose petal].


It operates as a liver tonic, adaptogen and astringent. Also, transforms yang to yin [schisandra].


These ingredients mascerate (soak) in Apple Cider Vinegar for an entire moon cycle to ensure all the goodness is infused.



Fun fact: The liquid used to extract plant matter is called a menstruum. From the latin word mēnsis meaning month - relating to the Greek mene (moon). 






The flavor of this medicine is rich and sweet with a kick from the ACV.

It’s one of my favorites and THE COLOR. It’s almost too beautiful.




More Resources:


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