February 5, 2018





Brown Cinnamon Coconut Butter Pears + Pecans


Coconut. Chia. Buckwheat. Hemp.

Breakfast Bowl


Paired (peared) with

Fresh Sourdough Avocado Toast, a squeeze of lemon and pink salt.


We’re in business.


As I get older, I realize that I’m a listing making, 4 notebooks and 2 planners types of woman.

The total number of notes in my phone is 821 and climbing.

So, when I make impromptu recipes that turn out kitchen dance worthy, it flames my creativity and keeps me afloat.



All I knew, is that I wanted some beautiful pears for breakfast.

And the ingredients just started flying out of the cupboards.


Like I said above, I like a plan - a recipe, an inspiration but sometimes the best things come to you when you aren’t trying so hard. Some of my best Bloom Bowls happen when I have no idea what I have for food and make it up as I go. That’s when we get to be truly creative, picking and choosing from all of our experiences and visuals we’ve seen throughout or life.


And when the impromptu meal calls out to you, so does the intuitive recipe.

Some things are meant to be done on a case by case basis.


Trust yourself, don’t walk away from the stove and start small.

You fail, you learn, you grow.

Trust the process.

Intuitive cooking is where the magic happens.




  • Peel, remove core and slice pears. I used Bosc Pears.

  • Add coconut butter and coconut oil to a pan - do not be shy.

  • Add Pears.

  • Keep on medium heat.

  • Add a little bit of coconut sugar or any sweetener. I was just going with the coconut theme here.

  • If the butter starts to get clumpy, add more coconut oil.

  • Toss in pecas for fun, because they are delicious and add extra flavor and crunch.

  • Using a spoon, baste the pears and pecans with the brown butter coconut oil sauce.

  • Once the pears are to your consistency, add them to your breakfast bowl or eat them straight out of the pan!




add cinnamon to the pears while cooking.




Qi’a Creamy Coconut .Chia.Hemp.Buckwheat. Hot Cereal

Kite Hill Almond Vanilla Yogurt

Hemp Seeds



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