January 31, 2018


I’ve said it before, I’m very influenced by trends.

Aesthetics are my thing, so when there’s a beautiful drink

making the rounds on my feed, I’m eventually going to try it.


A few months ago I took coffee off the table.

At first, it was to see if the rise in cortisol levels from caffeine was resulting in acne.

And it did help a little bit, probably from the combination of drinking more water in the absence of coffee and not being as dehydrated.


But then, I quit coffee because it was affecting my work and my ability to concentrate.

Weird, right? I thought it was supposed to do the opposite.

Recently I changed jobs within the business I work for.

Somewhere in my bloodline the bar industry [my family has owned a total of 6 bars + restaurants] runs deep and so like many before me I started bartending and had done that grind for 5 years.



Even after graduating from college, I was still doing it.

Bartender with a college degree, the same old story, right?

I knew I needed a change and so I started taking on more responsibility behind the scenes, doing office work, payroll, basically being the assistant to my cousins.

Okay, the purpose of that diatribe was to describe my drastic change in jobs.

From walking [running, really] 10,000 steps a day behind the bar and serving tables to prolonged sitting.

Inability to speak or think clearly is the definition of monkey brain to me.

Coffee was not going to be my thing anymore.


So, let’s talk about that slight [insert hyperbole] devastation.

The ritual of coffee is like no other.

On a Sunday morning, you sleepily crawl towards the kitchen and start a kettle of water.

The aroma of fresh grounds is enough to get anyone excited about the day ahead.

As the coffee steeps in the french press, we sit on the couch by the fireplace, planning our day, enjoying our time as our own.

There is an animal or two close by while the fireplace roars in the background.

We have our favorite mugs ready to share the press, because your favorite mug just enhances the flavor.

And then you take pleasure in the simple act of communion while the steam swirls around you.


Sigh. Was that a good enough romanticised notion or what?


On to my experience and the science:


I’m still new to this magical drink but it’s brought that special ritual back into my mornings.

I feel like I have sustained energy [isn’t that just what everyone wants?!].

My focus at work is direct and uninhibited by the jitters.

Like I said, this is magic. I’m forever hooked.


Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that has a higher chlorophyll content due to the leaves being shaded for an extended period of time during the growth process.

Chlorophyll is considered a superfood because of its antioxidant and detoxifying power.


The shading process creates the amino acid L-Theanine, which boosts concentration and alertness but also promotes a calming effect.




Energy + Calm


Weight Loss

Healthy Heart


Brain Power

Skin Health


Paraphrased from Wellness Mamma.



Adaptogenic Coconut Vanilla Matcha Latte:




Add all ingredients to a blender to make frothy.


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